Danny Perekalsky, CEO of Ozon Group "Everything went off... well, how do you say it in Russia? without a hitch. Frankly speaking, I couldn't believe it would take us only two and a half months to open such an equipped warehouse, I didn't believe we would make it. We expected some problems with water if not with electricity. But everything went smoothly. And I'm very happy."
OZON.ru is the largest online retailer in Russia, founded in 1998. Nowadays OZON.ru is the choice of 2.5 mln customers a year. The e-commerce site offers anything they need: over 4.1 mln items in 14 categories. From juvenile products to electronics and food. The online retailer OZON.ru compares 400,000 articles with its 85 rivals on a daily basis to offer the most competitive prices. The website of the magazine is updated and upgraded weekly to be as user-friendly as it possibly can. In 2015 we made a record in the sales growth — 15 bln RUB (33% growth).
In the middle of 2016 the share of the Volga Federal District in the total turnover of OZON.ru amounted to 7%, and Kazan's turnover increased by 15% in H1 2016. The warehouse now makes it possible to deliver goods from OZON.ru to Kazan and other cities of Tatarstan in just one day.
In 2015 customers from the Volga Federal District made 472,000 orders from OZON.ru. After the opening of the new warehouse complex in Kazan the orders from the Volga Federal District are meant to increase more than twice and exceed 1 mln due to convenience and high delivery speed.

May 2016
The warehouse in Tatarstan began operations.
September 2016
The official opening of the warehouse complex in the settlement of Stolbischi, Laishevo district, Tatarstan.
  • Its total space is  — 3 500 sq. m.
  • The investments amount to over  — 100 mln RUB
  • There are 100 job positions.

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