Akhmet Kyrman, Sisecam Group, CEO "Alabuga SEZ offers the entire required infrastructure for manufacturing process"
The Turkish company Sisecam has opened 2 plants in Tatarstan.

"Trakya Glass Rus" worth more than 200 million dollars - the joint project of the Turkish Sisecam and French Saint-Gobain ("Saint-Goben") - produces sheet glass, mirrors and glasses with a covering. The enterprise produces daily 723 tons of glass a day.

"Automativ Glass Alyans Rus" worth 100 million dollars produces automobile glass for requirements of the Russian market. After an exit to design capacity the outputs will make 6,4 millions units per year.
March 2011
The companys obtained the status of Alabuga SEZ resident
Beginning of the plant construction
Launch production of automotive glass
July 2016
Launch production of plate glass
October 8, 2016
The Grand opening of the plants
  • Location:   SEZ Alabuga
  • Investition: 10,9  billion Rubles
  •  There are 560 job positions
Sisecam Sisecam Sisecam Sisecam Sisecam

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