Investment Council headed by Rais RT Rustam Minnikhanov approved 9 investment projects today

Investment Council headed by Rais RT Rustam Minnikhanov approved 9 investment projects today
1 project in the field of food, three projects in the field of industrial production, 1 project in logistics, the remaining 4 are the development of industrial parks, including an infrastructural project for the construction of a hotel.

1. "Construction of a cheese-making dairy plant" (LLC "Kukmor Dairy Plant")

The new milk processing plant with a capacity of up to 500 tons per day will produce hard cheeses (Swiss, Cheddar, Maasdam) and butter (82.5%). The main investors are large agricultural organizations of the Kukmorsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan. The volume of investments in the project is 3 billion rubles.

2. Investment project "Transport complex "Business Lines" (LLC "Wholesale and distribution center Zelenodolsk 4").

The project implementation site is the Zelenodolsky district, the new industrial park "Tura 2.0." The planned cargo turnover of the transport complex is 15,000 tons per day of rack storage and 15,000 tons per day of floor storage. The amount of cargo handled is up to 25 thousand tons per month. The volume of investments in the project: 2,730.817 million rubles.

Investment project “Industrial Park “Druzhba” (LLC SZ “ILP “POTOK”)

Developer group of companies R1 / The investor of the project is the group of companies BROZEX.

The main activities of the Brozexdevelopment division are the development of sites for the placement of industrial park projects and housing construction.

At the first stage, the project involves the creation of a fulfillment center for the acceptance and distribution of products, at the subsequent stages - production facilities for light industry enterprises, a hostel for employees and a kindergarten. At present, a detailed study has been carried out on the first stage of the project for the construction of an industrial complex with a total area of 80,000 sq.m.

The volume of investments - 1 752.6 mln. rub. (first phase of project implementation)

4. Investment project "Creation of a multifunctional hotel complex on the territory of the Zelenodolsk industrial park in the Zelenodolsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan (Team Force LLC)

TEAM FORCE is a resident of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone, a participant in the Skolkovo project, and a resident of the Innovation Science and Technology Center of Moscow State University Vorobyovy Gory.

On the territory of the Zelenodolsk industrial park, for the needs of employees, residents of the park, it is planned to build a multifunctional hotel complex in the form of a 4-storey building of a 3-star hotel, as well as hostel-type rooms with production and catering on the 1st floor. Agreements are being worked out with residents of the industrial park for the provision of services for employees. In total, the hotel will provide up to 250 beds, as well as 25 parking spaces for trucks.

The total cost of the project is 350 million rubles.

5. Investment project "Creation of the III stage of the Nizhnekamsk Industrial Park on the territory of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan" (Industrial Park Management Company LLC)

In 2017, the Executive Committee of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, created the first municipal industrial park, the Nizhnekamsk Industrial Park. For 3 years, the territory was completely filled with residents and in 2020 the 2nd stage of the Park was created. Nizhnekamsk today is a greenfield municipal industrial park. The area of its two stages is 53.3 hectares. There are 16 residents on the territory, 7 of which have already launched their production. At the end of 2022, 2.3 billion rubles were invested in development, while 268 jobs were created.

The current territory of the Industrial Park is completely filled today, at the moment work has begun on the creation of the third stage of the Nizhnekamsk Industrial Park. A land plot with an area of 26.4 hectares, located in close proximity to the operating territory, was determined. According to preliminary calculations, it will be able to accommodate up to 12 resident companies with an investment volume of more than 1.0 billion rubles. and the creation of 300 new jobs. The preliminary terms for the implementation of the project are 2023-2026.

6. Investment project "Construction of a gas turbine equipment plant" JSC "ZGO" (LLC "DMEnergy")

DMEnergy is a part of the AMCOR Group of Companies, a domestic engineering company that has been specializing in service maintenance and completion of gas turbine units since 2011. Since 2022, in response to the increased demand for repair services for imported equipment, the first service center was opened in the city of Kazan, in the first year it completed 14 contracts. The Republic of Tatarstan was chosen for business development due to the availability of the necessary specialized specialists in higher and secondary educational institutions of the republic, as well as a large number of industrial enterprises that provide the industry with the necessary personnel.

The construction of the Gas Turbine Equipment Plant provides for a phased, until 2027, mastering the aggregation of gas

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